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Pub YearTitleAJOU
2008A Case of Anti-Yka Antibody as an High-Titer, Low-Avidity Antibody: The First Case in Korea임영애
2008A case of chronic myelogenous leukemia with e8a2 fusion transcript.박일중임영애,이위교박준성,김효철조성란
2009A Case of Simultaneously Detecting Anti-D as an Autoimmune Antibody and Anti-E as an Alloimmune Antibody임영애
2016A case of the false-negative D phenotype in a neonate with a strongly positive direct antiglobin test rest임영애
2013A Case Report of Mycobacterium abscessus Peritonitis ina Patient on Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis김흥수임영애,이위교
2012A Draft Proposal for Korean Classification and Coding System for In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices임영애
2009A hemolytic transfusion reaction due to Anti-Ku antibody in a patient with Knull phenotype: the first case in Korea.임영애이기명
2004A study of blood usage by diagnoses in a Korean university hospital.임영애이위교,조성란
2002An Analysis of Blood Component Wastage in the Ajou University Hospital임영애
2009An experience of the use of Anti-HBc and Anti-HBs for blood donor screening tests at a tertiary hospital blood center in Korea.임영애
2018Analysis of Massive Transfusion Blood Product Use in a Tertiary Care Hospital임영애정경원,이국종
2006Annual Report on External Quality Assessment in Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2005)임영애
2007Annual Report on External Quality Assessment in Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2006)임영애
2008Annual Report on External Quality Assessment in Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2007)임영애
2010Annual Report on External Quality Assessment in Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2009)임영애
2009Annual Report on External Quality Assessment in Blood Bank Tests in Korea(2008)임영애
2014Annual Report on External Quality Assessment of Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2013)임영애
2016Annual Report on the External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2015)임영애
2015Annual Report on the External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Blank Tests in Korea (2014).임영애
2017Annual Report on the External Quality Assessment Scheme for Immunohematology Testing in Korea (2016)임영애
2015Anti-rods and rings autoantibodies in a patient with hepatitis C virus infection.임영애조성원
2013Application of Middleware to Automated Hematology Analyzers이재옥조성란,박일중임영애
2017Assessment of Medical Trainnees' Knowledge and Their Educational Needs on Transfusion Medicine임영애
2002Autoimmune hemolytic anemia predominantly associated with IgA anti-E and anti-c.임영애
2013Basic Data for Reference Intervals in Koreans for Parameters Produced by Multiplate홍지만임영애
2008Change of platelet activation markers using flow cytometry in patients with hematology/oncology disorders after transfusion.임영애조성란,이위교박준성
2014Comparison of ABO antibody titers on the basis of the antibody detection method used임영애
2009Comparison of ABO Isoagglutinin Titers by Different Tube Hemagglutination Techniques임영애
2016Comparison of an international scale method and a log reduction method for monitoring of early molecular response in chronic myeloid leukemia patients임영애이위교,정성현박준성,조성란
2008Comparison of multiplex reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and conventional cytogenetics as a diagnostic strategy for acute leukemia.박준성정성현,이현우강석윤,최진혁김효철,박준은임영애,김현주조성란
2014Comprehensive Analysis of the Testing Techniques Used in Blood Bank Laboratories in Korea for the Past Six Years임영애
2013Current Status for Report of Blood Donor Reactions in South Korea임영애
2004Current status of therapeutic plasma exchange in Korea.임영애
2010Current trends in domestic status and insurance policy for use of plasma임영애
2009Effect of Platelet Transfusion on the Platelet Parameters of Recipient임영애조성란
2002Effect of transfusion of fresh-frozen plasma on recipients' antibodies to hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B surface antigen status in countries where hepatitis B virus is endemic.임영애
2014Effects of platelet lysate preparations on the proliferation of HaCaT cells.임영애이위교,김철호
2011Epicatechin inhibits radiation-induced auditory cell death by suppression of reactive oxygen species generation.오영택임영애,김철호
2008Establishment of a national on-line registry for apheresis in Korea.임영애
2006Establishment of Reference Values for Platelet Activation Markers by Flow Cytometry임영애
2017Evaluation of DiaCell ABO Red Blood Cell Reagents as a Reverse Typing for ABO Blood Group임영애
2017Evaluation of kodecytes using function-spacer-lipid constructs as a survey material for external proficiency testing for ABO subgrouping임영애
2002Evaluation of platelet parameters on the ADVIA 120 as the quality indicator for stored platelets.임영애
2017Evaluation of the Automated Blood Bank Systems IH-500 and VISION Max for ABO-RhD Blood Typing and Unexpected Antibody Screening임영애
2016Evaluation of the Effectiveness of NK Vue Gold Kit in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B임영애김순선,조성원정재연
2013Evaluation of the VITROS 3600 Analyzer for HBsAg임영애
2007Genetic rearrangements of TN1546-like elements in vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium isolates collected from hospitalized patients over a seven-year period.박일중이위교,임영애조성란
2013Hemophagocytosis by leukemic blasts in B lymphoblastic leukemia with t(12;21)(p13;q22); TEL-AML1 (ETV6-RUNX1): a case report.박준은박일중,임영애이위교,조성란
2009Inspection of Blood Collection Center with Small Number of Unit Collection임영애
2010International Comparison of the Eligibility Criteria for Apheresis Donors박서진박준성,임영애
2006Long Term Prospects for the Blood Supply and Demand임영애
2013Methods for Flow Cytometric Analysis of T Cell Subsets in HIV-infected Patients: 2-Color versus 4-Color임영애이위교,조성란
2015Optimum Conditions for the Preparation of Red Blood Cell Suspensions for ABO Antibody Titration.조성란임영애
2012Report on External Proficiency Testing for Blood Grouping Tests in Blood Centers (2011)임영애
2015Report on External Proficiency Testing for the ABO and D Blood Group Typing Tests in Blood Centers (2014)임영애
2016Report on External Proficiency Testing for the ABO and D Blood Group Typing Tests in Blood Centers (2015)임영애
2014Report on External Proficiency Testing for the ABO and D Blood Typing in Blood Centers in 2012 and 2013임영애
2010Sero-positivity of Anti-HAV IgG in Young Hospital Workers박일중이위교,임영애
2014Standardization of ABO antibody titer measurement at laboratories in Korea.임영애
2010Survey Analysis of Medical Staff at Blood Centers on the Perspectives of the Current Donor Selection Criteria박서진임영애
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