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Pub YearTitleAJOU
2018A Comparison of Anatomy Education in a Large Chinese Medical School and a Small Korean Medical School정민석
2015A Guide Book for Children and Adolescents to Experience Anatomy and Clinics.정민석
2018A party to celebrate having an article published정민석
2010A proposal of new reference system for the standard axial, sagittal, coronal planes of brain based on the serially-sectioned images.정민석
2012Accessible and informative sectioned images and surface models of a cadaver head신동선정민석
2015Accessible and informative sectioned images and surface models of the maxillofacial area for orthognathic surgery.정민석
2013Accessible and informative sectioned images, color-coded images, and surface models of the ear.정민석신동선
2010Advanced features of whole body sectioned images: Virtual Chinese Human.정민석신동선
2011Anatomy comic strips.정민석
2017Article succeeded by presentation정민석
2018Automatic segmentation of head anatomical structures from sparsely-annotated images정민석
2019Balance between Professionalism and Commercialism정민석
2016Big lab vs. small lab정민석
2017Browsing Software of the Head Sectioned Images for the Android Mobile Device정민석
2011Browsing software of the Visible Korean data used for teaching sectional anatomy신동선정민석
2016Colonoscopy tutorial software made with a cadaver's sectioned images정민석
2018Comic Strips on Health Drawn by a Medical Doctor정민석
2016Comic Strips to Accompany Science Museum Exhibits정민석
2016Comics for laypeople interested in plastination정민석
2006Computer-aided training system of educational virtual dissection using visible Korean human.정민석
2008Construction of a high-quality voxel model VKH-man serially sectioned images from Visible Korean Human project in Korea.정민석
2015Contributions of the comic strips on scientific articles정민석
2019Convergence by Breaking Stereotype정민석
2006Development of Korean male body model for computational dosimetry.정민석
2017Digital anatomy using the surface models in portable document format file for self-learning and evaluation정민석
2013Evaluation of anatomy comic strips for further production and applications신동선정민석
2019Four learning tools of the Visible Korean contributing to virtual anatomy정민석
2015Free manual of cadaver dissection modifiable by other anatomists.정민석
2018Funding or article?정민석
2008Generating useful images for medical applications from the Visible Korean Human.정민석
2008HDRK-Man: a whole-body voxel model based on high-resolution color slice images of a Korean adult male cadaver.정민석
2014Hip Joint Ligaments, a Cadaver Imaging Study for Education.정민석
2018Homepage to distribute the anatomy learning contents including Visible Korean products, comics, and books정민석
2018Homepage to distribute the digital anatomy contents정민석
2015How do I make science journal정민석
2010Improved analysis of palm creases신동선정원석,정민석
2010Improved Sectioned Images of the Female Pelvis Showing Detailed Urogenital and Neighboring Structures정민석신동선
2017Improved Software to Browse the Serial Medical Images for Learning정민석
2019In a Train, in a Journal정민석
2019Induced Abortion Law Respecting Doctor's Judgement정민석
2017Integrated Comics and Visible Korean Movies for Laypeople's Learning of Systemic Anatomy정민석
2014Laparoscopic and endoscopic exploration of the ascending colon wall based on a cadaver sectioned images.신동선정민석
2002Location of the ventral margin of the paracaval portion of the caudate lobe of the human liver with special reference to the configuration of hepatic portal vein branches.왕희정정민석
2012Multimedia Data for Common People to Learn Anatomy Easily정민석신동선
2019New Viewpoint of Surface Anatomy Using the Curved Sectional Planes of a Male Cadaver정민석
2012Outlining of the detailed structures in sectioned images from Visible Korean신동선정민석
2016Peeled and Piled Volume Models of the Kidney that Show Actual Morphology정민석
2016Peeled and piled volume models of the stomach made from a cadaver’s sectioned images정민석
2019Peeled volume models of a whole body to enhance comprehension of anthropological bone landmarks정민석
2015Portable Document Format File Containing the Surface Models to Learn the Stereoscopic Shape of Foot Muscles정민석
2012Portable document format file showing the surface models of cadaver whole body신동선정민석
2006Recording, Editing, and Distributing the Movies of Anatomy Lectures박진서정민석
2009Registration of Cadaver’s Sectioned Images to Patient’s Head MRIs정민석
2015Role playing정민석
2019Sandwich Trick for Kids and Cells정민석
2016SCI article = PhD degree정민석
2017Sci, Scie, Scien정민석
2014Sectioned images and surface models of a cadaver for understanding the deep circumflex iliac artery flap.정민석
2018Sectioned Images of a Cat Head to Contribute to Learning of its Sectional Anatomy정민석
2015Segmentation and surface reconstruction of a cadaver heart on Mimics software.정민석
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