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Kartagener’s syndrome with immunoglobulin G subclass deficiency

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면역글로불린 G 아형 결핍이 동반된 Kartagener 증후군 1예
김, 기찬; 박, 주한; 반, 가영; 유, 혜수; 신, 유섭; 박, 해심; 예, 영민
Allergy Asthma & Respiratory Diseases, 1(3):288-291, 2013
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Allergy Asthma & Respiratory Diseases; 알레르기 천식 호흡기질환
Kartagener syndrome is characterized by the triad of situs inversus, bronchiectasis, and chronic paranasal sinusitis. Recurrent sinopulmonary infection, the major determinant for diagnosing immunodeficiency, is the most common clinical manifestation of the disease. A 17-year-old female patient presented with dyspnea, cough, sputum, nasal congestion, and rhinorrhea for more than 5 years. Nasal symptoms and dyspnea had not been controlled by intermittent treatment with mucolytics and antibiotics from primary clinics since 3 months before visiting our clinic. Chest X-ray and computed tomography showed situs inversus, dextrocardia and bronchiectasis. Paranasal sinus series revealed mucosal thickening and haziness on both maxillary sinus. Serum immunoglobulin (Ig) G4 was decreased, but total IgG was within normal range. Under the diagnosis of Kartagener syndrome with IgG4 deficiency, monthly intravenous IgG (IVIG) treatment was performed for 6 months. Her symptoms were well controlled and the frequency of antibiotics use was markedly decreased. We report a patient having the Kartagener syndrome with IgG4 deficiency that was successfully controlled with a 6-month-treatment of IVIG.
Kartagener syndromeImmunoglobulin G subclass deficiencyIntravenous immunoglobulin G
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반, 가영유, 혜수신, 유섭박, 해심예, 영민
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