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Multicenter Study on the Clinician’s Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in Korea

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양성돌발두위현훈에 대한 국내 이과 전문의들의 진단 및 치료 행태에 대한 다기관 연구
전, 은주; 정, 원호; 최, 정환; 남, 의철; 박, 홍주; 이, 종대; 이, 원상; 김, 규성; 고, 의경; 구, 자원; 김, 민범; 김, 세형; 김, 영진; 김, 창희; 남, 성일; 문, 석균; 박, 가영; 박, 상유; 박, 시내; 배, 창훈; 부, 성현; 서, 명환; 서, 재현; 손, 은진; 송, 재준; 송, 재진; 신, 중욱; 심, 대보; 안, 성기; 염, 혜연; 유, 신영; 이, 동희; 이, 승환; 이, 창호; 이, 현석; 이, 환호; 이, 효정; 정, 연훈; 최, 승효; 최, 지선; 홍, 석민; 홍, 성광
Research in vestibular science, 12(3):79-92, 2013
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Research in vestibular science
Background and Objectives: It is necessary to establish the most efficient diagnostic and therapeutic method for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which is appropriate for Korean healthcare system. We aimed to evaluate current state of Korean clinician’s diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for BPPV.

Materials and Methods: A 16-item survey was emailed to the members of dizziness department of Otology Research Interest Group in the Korean Otologic Society (n=68). 43 were returned and analyzed.

Results: All respondents (100%) used Dix-Hallpike test as a diagnostic tool for vertical canal-BPPV. Supine roll test was used for diagnosing lateral canal BPPV in nearly all the respondents (97.7%). Epley maneuver was chosen as otolith repositioning maneuver (ORM) for posterior canal BPPV in all respondents and barbecue rotation (BBQ) was used for treating lateral canal BPPV with geotropic nystagmus in 95.3% of respondents. Extreme variation was noted for therapeutic approach of lateral canal BPPV with ageotropic nystagmus BBQ, with 4 kinds of ORM and adjunctive measures to liberate otolith from cupula, while BBQ was again the most commonly used ORM (76.7%).

Conclusion: The development of practical and efficient ORM for lateral canal BPPV with ageotropic nystagmus is necessary.
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정, 연훈
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