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Distinctive behavioral and pathological outcomes between normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats following chronic cerebral hypoperfusion

Cui, Yue-xian; Choi, Jun Young; Kim, Byung G.
Department of Brain Science
Chronic ischemia induced working memory deficits in both strains, but hippocampus dependent memory was altered by BCCAO only in SHR group.

Dysmyelination in the white matter were pronounced in NR group, and microglial activation and axon-oligodendroglial integrity at the nodes was disrupted by BCCAO in both strains.

BBB disruptions was observed in the white matter only in SHR group.

Chronic ischemia resulted in distinctive behavioral and neuropathological alterations in rats with underlying hypertension, suggesting that pathomechanism of white matter damage may be different in subjects with long-standing HT.

The presence of hypertension may exacerbate ischemia-induced BBB damages resulting in deficits in both hippocampus- dependent and -independent memory.
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