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Role of JAK3 in Early Cortical development

Barua, Sumit; Baik, Eun Joo
Department of Physiology
Jak3 is a tyrosine kinase enzyme and member of the Janus kinase family of proteins of the non-receptor type, involved in the interleukin-2 and interleukin-4 signaling pathway. In our previous study we found that Jak3 plays a pivotal role on primary cortical neuronal precursor cells (NPCs) in their proliferation and differenti-ation. Therefore, we are interested in the role of Jak3 in cortical development. We set out the expression of activated Jak3, pJak3 in different region of cortex. We found that pJak3 is expressed as early as E13.5 in the marginal zone and part of the developing cortical plate (CP) but after E15.5 day the expression is limited to marginal zone and intermediate zone and part of the sub-plate.

Nestin, a marker for radial glial cells also co-expressed with activated Jak3 after E15.5 which indicate that activated Jak3 might be involve in immature radial neuronal migration along with radial fiber. pJak3 also co-expressed with the reelin positive cells in E13.5 but not after E15.5, which indicate that there may be a role of pJak3 in development of immature reelin positive cells are pJak3. We also observed On-Off system in Jak3 expression in early differ-entiated cells of layer V-VI neurons. However Doublecortin (DCX) a marker for neuronal migration also co-express-ed with pJak3 in the intermediate zone and marginal zone the area which are known for the tangential migration of GABA positive cells. Our analysis suggested that Jak3 might plays a role in differentiation and migration of the immature neurons.
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