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Interaction between cancer cells and dendritic cells in 3D nanofibrous scaffold

Kim, Tae-Eon | Kim, Chang Gun | Bae, Hae-Rahn | Jeong, Young-Hun | Kwak, Jong-Young
Department of Pharmacology, Ajou University School of Medicine
Three dimensional (3D) culture that closely resembles in vivo microenvironment provides new insights into morphological and functional study of immune cells. In this study, we developed 3D culture system using nanofibrous scaffold (NFS). 3D NFS consisted of electrospun nanofibers with diameter ranging from several hundreds to submicron. When bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (DCs) and CT26 colon cancer cells were seeded on the surface of the NFS, cells infiltrated inside of the NFS. DCs and CT26 cancer cells which were co-cultured on 2D culture dish tended to cluster but aggregation of co-cultured cells did not occur in 3D hybrid NFS. Mitoxantrone-treated cancer cells expressed calreticulin. When DCs and mitoxantrone-treated cancer cells were co-cultured in NFS, DCs sprouted cytoplasm to, synapsed with, and engulfed cancer cells. In addition, DCs migrated to cancer cells along nanofibers. Moreover, there was a significant transfer of fluorescence from CSFE-labeled cancer cells into unlabeled and MHC class II expressing BM-DCs which contacted to cancer cells. Our developed NFS provide 3D environment mimic tumor microenvironment consisting of cancer cells and immune cells.
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