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Hymenoptera venom anaphylaxis in adult Korean: a multicenter retrospective case study

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한국 성인의 벌독으로 인한 아나필락시스: 국내 다기관 후향적 연구
이, 수경 | 예, 영민  | 박, 해심  | 장, 광천 | 지, 영구 | 박, 혜경 | 고, 영일 | 김, 주희 | 김, 철우 | 허, 규영 | 김, 미경 | 김, 태범 | 최, 길순 | 김, 상헌 | 손, 성욱 | 대한천식알레르기학회 두드러기/혈관부종/아나필락시스 워크그룹
Allergy asthma & respiratory disease, 2(5). : 344-351, 2014
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Allergy asthma & respiratory disease
Purpose: We investigated the causes, clinical features, and risk factors of bee venom anaphylaxis in Korea.

Methods: The medical records of the diagnosis of anaphylaxis during a 5-year period from the 14 hospitals in Korea have been retrospectively reviewed. Cases of bee venom anaphylaxis were identified among anaphylaxis patients, and subgroup analyses were done.

Results: A total of 291 patients were included. The common cause of bee species was vespid (24.6%) in bee venom anaphylaxis, followed by honeybee and vespid (8.8%), apitherapy (7.7%), and honeybee (2.0%), although the causative bee species were commonly unknown (56.9%). The severity of anaphylaxis was mostly mild-moderate (72.9%), and common clinical manifestations included cutaneous (80.6%), cardiovascular (39.2%), respiratory (38.1%), and gastrointestinal (13.1%) symptoms. Portable epinephrine auto-injectors were prescribed to 12.1% of the patients. Subject positive to both vespid and honeybee showed more severe symptoms and higher epinephrine use (P<0.05). The severity was significantly associated with older age, but not with gender, underlying allergic disease, or family history. Apitherapy-induced anaphylaxis showed a higher rate of hospitalization and epinephrine use than bee sting anaphylaxis (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Vespid is the most common cause of bee venom anaphylaxis in Korea. It is suggested that positivity to honeybee and vespid may be associated with more severe symptoms.
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