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Clinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation in Korea 2012

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dc.description.abstract“Clinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation in Korea 2012” is a 2nd edition of clinical practice guideline (CPG) for stroke rehabilitation in Korea, which updates the 1st edition published in 2009. After 1st stroke rehabilitation CPG, many studies concerning stroke rehabilitation have been published and the necessity for update has been raised. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supported the project “Development of Clinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation” in 2012. Thirty-two specialists in stroke rehabilitation from 18 universities and 3 rehabilitation hospitals and 10 consultants participated in this project. The scope of this CPG included both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke from the acute to chronic stages. The purpose of this CPG is to provide guidelines for doctors and therapists to make a decision when they manage stroke patients and ultimately, to help stroke patients obtain maximal functional recovery and return to the society. “Clinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation in Korea 2012” consists of ‘Chapter 1; Introduction of Stroke Rehabilitation’, ‘Chapter 2; Rehabilitation for Stroke Syndrome, ‘Chapter 3; Rehabilitation for Return to the Society’, and ‘Chapter 4; Advanced Technique for Stroke Rehabilitation’. Both the adaptation and de novo development methods were used to develop this 2nd edition of CPG. The appraisal of foreign CPGs was performed using ‘Korean appraisal of guidelines for research and evaluation II’ (K-AGREE II); moreover, four CPGs from Scotland (2010), Austrailia (2010), USA (2010), Canada (2010) were chosen for adaptation. For de novo development, articles that were published following the latest foreign CPGs were searched from the database system, PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane library. Literatures were assessed in the aspect of subjects, study design, study results’ consistency, language and application possibility in the Korean society. The chosen articles’ level of evidence and grade of recommendation were decided by the criteria of Scotland (2010) and the formal consensus was derived by the nominal group technique. The levels of evidence range from 1++ to 4 and the grades of recommendation range from A to D. GPP (Good Practice Point) was recommended as best practice based on the clinical experience of the guideline developmental group. The draft of the developed CPG was reviewed by the experts group in the public hearings and then revised.-
dc.titleClinical Practice Guideline for Stroke Rehabilitation in Korea 2012-
dc.title.alternative뇌졸중 재활치료를 위한 한국형 표준 진료 지침 2012-
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