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Effect of Psychotropic drugs on development of diabetes mellitus in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

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dc.contributor.authorChang, Ki Jung-
dc.contributor.authorSon, Sang Joon-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Kang Soo-
dc.contributor.authorRoh, Hyung Woong-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Dongsoo-
dc.contributor.authorHong, Chang Hyung-
dc.contributor.authorOh, Byoung Hoon-
dc.description.abstractBACKGROUND: To examine risk of diabetes mellitus (DM) among older adults with Alzheimer’s disease receiving 3 types of psychotropic drugs
METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed data from a hospital-based Clinical Research Center for Dementia of South Korea (CREDOS) study. Participants (n=3,042) were aged 65 or older and had no preexisting history of DM. We defined ‘user’ of psychotropic drugs as subjects who were exposed to psychotropic drugs prior to inclusion in the study. Development of DM was identified using claims for initiating at least one prescription of antidiabetic medications or a diagnosis of DM according to ICD-10codes during the follow-up period. Cox proportional hazards regression was used to demonstrate the Hazard ratio of DM during the use of each psychotropic drug.
RESULTS: Among the 3,042 participants, 426 patients (14.0%) developed DM, representing an incidence rate of 5.2/100 person-years during an average 2.9 years of follow-up period. Among the 3 types of psychotropic drugs, antipsychotic users had a significantly higher risk of DM (Hazard Ratio= 1.74, 95% Confidence Interval= 1.10, 2.76) than non-users, after adjusting covariates. Antidepressants and sedative anxiolytics did not achieve statistical significance.
CONCLUSIONS: These results suggested that the diabetes risk was elevated in Alzheimer patients on antipsychotic treatment. Therefore, patients with Alzheimer’s disease receiving antipsychotic treatment should be carefully monitored for the development of DM.
dc.titleEffect of Psychotropic drugs on development of diabetes mellitus in patients with Alzheimer’s diseaseen
dc.contributor.departmentDepartment of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences, Ajou University School of Medicine-
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