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Interaction between 25-hydroxyvitamin D and variants at 17q12-21 on respiratory infections

Sheen, YH | Lee, E | Kang, MJ | Yu, HS | Ahn, K | Kim, KW | Yang, SI | Jung, YH | Lee, KJ | Chang, HY  | Shin, HL | Choi, KY | Kim, HY | Seo, JH | Kwon, JW | Kim, BJ | Kim, HB | Lee, SY | Suh, DI | Yang, HJ | Choi, SJ | Oh, SY | Kwon, JY | Kim, SH | Won, HS | Kim, EJ | Lee, JK | Hong, SJ
Pediatric pulmonology, 51(9). : 958-967, 2016
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Pediatric pulmonology
OBJECTIVES: 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25[OH]D) deficiency and genetic variants at the 17q12-21 locus are independent risk factors for respiratory tract infections (RTIs). We aimed to investigate whether the effect of 25(OH)D at birth and 1 year of age and the polymorphism at the 17q12-21 locus, or interactions between these two factors, increase susceptibility to RTIs in the first year of life. METHODS: We tested cord-blood (CB) 25(OH)D at birth and 1 year of age and genotypes of a variant at the 17q12-21 locus for associations with RTIs, particularly lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs), and determined whether there exist interactions between 25(OH)D and 17q12-21 genotypes in a birth cohort of 473 infants. RESULTS: The levels of CB 25(OH)D inversely associate with development of RTIs and LRTIs during the first year of life. There exists an inverse association of 25(OH)D at birth, but not at 1 year, with the risk of acquiring LRTIs in early infancy (adjusted odds ratio [aOR], 2.37: 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.23-4.60: P = 0.010 and aOR, 0.50: 95%CI: 0.23-1.12: P = 0.094). We have also found a significant interaction between CB 25(OH)D and a variant at the 17q12-21 locus with respect to the development of early LRTIs, such that associations between a variant at the 17q12-21 locus and LRTIs are restricted to infants with low CB 25(OH)D concentrations (P for interaction = 0.013). In addition, when infants with a variant at the 17q12-21 locus had been exposed to chronic 25(OH)D deficiency over the first year, their risk of LRTIs was increased. CONCLUSION: CB 25(OH)D deficiency during fetal life contribute to the development of LRTIs in genetically susceptible infants. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2016: 51:958-967. (c) 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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