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Annual Report on the External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2015)

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혈액은행분과 신빙도조사 결과보고(2015)
Lim, YA  | Cho, HS | Kwon, SW | Kwon, KC | Kim, SY | Park, KU | Park, HJ | Song, WH | Cho, D | Um, TH | Lee, MK | Han, SM | Blood Bank Subcommittee, Korean Association of External Quality Assessment Service
Journal of laboratory medicine and quality assurance, 38(2). : 59-67, 2016
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Journal of laboratory medicine and quality assurance
We report here the results of the external quality assessment scheme (EQA) of blood bank tests in Korea carried out in 2015. The proficiency testing specimens used in the survey were prepared at Ajou University Hospital. The response rates from participating laboratories for the first and second trials were 98.7% (542/549) and 98.2% (544/554), respectively. No answers to tests were considered incorrect, and the average accuracy rates for six different test items on the standard survey were as follows: ABO grouping, 99.4% to 100.0%: RhD typing, 99.4% to 100.0%: crossmatching, 93.6% to 99.0%: direct antiglobulin test (DAT) using a polyspecific reagent, 92.9% to 98.3%: DAT using an IgG monospecific reagent, 94.6% to 100.0%: DAT using a C3d monospecific reagent, 84.2% to 98.6%: unexpected antibody screening test, 94.5% to 100.0%: and antibody identification test, 93.8% to 100.0%. We performed a pilot survey on reactivities to A1 (54 responses) and H (50 responses): Rh C, c, E, and e antigen testing (47 responses): and ABO antibody titration (10-34 responses). We obtained excellent results for this EQA, and these results will be helpful for improving or maintaining the quality of the participating laboratories.

2015년에 시행된 혈액은행검사에 대한 신빙도조사 결과를 분석하였다. 검체는 아주대학교병원에서 직접 제조하였으며, 검체 발송기관 수는 1차 549기관과 2차 554기관이다. 평가종목은 ABO 혈액형검사, RhD 혈액형검사, 교차시험검사, 직접항글로불린검사, 비예기항체 선별검사 및 동정검사였다. 검체 발송기관에 대한 1차와 2차의 회신율은 각각 98.7% (542/549)와 98.2% (544/554)였다. 미입력은 오답으로 처리하였고, 평가종목에 대한 평균 정답률은 다음과 같았다. ABO 혈액형검사 99.4%-100.0%: RhD 혈액형검사 99.4%-100.0%: 교차시험검사 93.6%-99.0%: 다특이성 직접항글로불린검사 92.9%-98.3%: IgG 단특이성 직접항글로불린검사 94.6%-100.0%: C3d 단특이성 직접항글로불린검사 84.2%-98.6%: 항체 선별검사 94.5%-100.0%: 그리고 항체 동정검사 93.8%-100.0%이었다. 시범항목(참여기관 수)은 A1 (54), H (50), Rh C, c, E, 그리고 e 항원에(47) 대한 반응과 ABO 항체 역가(10-34)였다. 2015년도 혈액은행분과의 신빙도조사 결과는 전반적으로 우수한 편이었으며 참여기관들의 질 향상과 유지에 도움을 준 것으로 보여졌다.

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