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Radiation-Crosslinked Carboxymethyl Cellulose/Porcine Cartilage Acellular Matrix Hydrogel Films to Prevent Peritoneal Adhesions with physical properties and anti-adhesivity

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방사선 가교된 유착방지용 Carboxymethyl Cellulose/Porcine Cartilage Acellular Matrix 수화젤 필름의 물리적 특성 및 부착 방지 평가
Jeong, SI | Park, JS | Gwon, HJ | An, SJ | Song, BR | Kim, YJ  | Min, BH  | Kim, MS | Lim, YM
Korean Chemical Engineering Research, 55(1). : 34-39, 2017
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Korean Chemical Engineering Research
In this study, intermolecular crosslinked carboxymethyl cellulose sodium salt (CMC) and porcine Cartilage Acellular Matrix (PCAM) blended hydrogel films for anti-adhesive barriers were prepared by gamma-ray radiation. The effects of the CMC/PCAM concentration and blending ratio on the morphology, gel fraction, gel strength, and degree of swelling were determined. The results indicated that crosslinked CMC/PCAM films show significantly lower the gel-fraction than CMC films. The degree of attachment and proliferation of human vascular endothelial cells on CMC/PCAM films was lower than the CMC films. We show the capacity of the CMC and PCAM to be hydrogel films, and the ability to reduce cell adhesion and proliferation on these films by modification with cell anti-adhesion molecules of PCAM. In conclusion, this study suggests that radiation cross-linked CMC/PCAM hydrogel films endowed with anti-adhesion ligands may allow for improved regulation of cell anti-adhesion behavior for prevent peritoneal adhesions.

본 실험은 방사선을 이용하여 유착방지용 Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium salt (CMC)/Porcine Cartilage Acellular Matrix (PCAM) 수화젤 필름에 대해 연구하였다. 방사선 조사시 CMC/PCAM의 농도 및 혼합비율에 따른 필름의 형태학적 구조, 젤화율, 젤강도, 팽윤도 등을 분석하였다. 방사선에 의해 가교된 CMC/PCAM 필름은 CMC 필름보다 물리적인 특성인 젤화율이 낮게 측정되었다. 또한, 가교된 CMC 필름보다는 CMC/PCAM 필름에서 인간 혈관내피세포의 부착 및 증식율이 감소하였다. 우리는 PCAM에 함유한 세포의 항부착 성분이 도입된 CMC/PCAM 필름과 CMC 필름은 세포의 접착 및 증식율을 낮추는 것을 확인하였다. 결론적으로, 본 연구에서는 방사선 가교된 CMC/PCAM 수화젤 필름은 유착방지 향상을 위한 유착방지제로서 응용이 기대된다.

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