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Effect of Community-Based ‘Goal-Achieving Program’ in Patient with Late-Life Depression : Preliminary Study.

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dc.description.abstractObjective:This study aimed to investigate the effect of community-based Goal-Achieving program in geriatric depressive symptoms preliminarily.
Methods:We obtained data from elderly Korean subjects with major depressive disorder (n=51) aged 60 years or older at baseline, taking case management from community mental health center. Subjects were randomly assigned to intervention group (n=24) and control group (n=27). We investigated depressive symptoms through Short Form Geriatric Depression Scale-Korean version (SGDS-K) at baseline and every month for 3 months to all subjects. We tested interaction between group and time in SGDS-K score to evaluate the effect of program. And post hoc test examined between group differences of SGDS-K at each time points.
Results:In quadratic linear mixed effects model analysis, interaction between group and time was statistically significant (Total SGDS-K score : coefficient=0.29, p<0.001 : SGDS-K dysphoria subscale : 0.18, p<0.001 : SGDS-K hopelessness subscale : 0.05, p=0.089 : SGDS-K cognitive impairment subscale : 0.06, p=0.003). And significant between group difference was shown in post hoc test at time points of third month (SGDS-K score of control group : SGDS-K score of intervention group=10.74±3.482 : 7.25±4.475, p=0.0184).
Conclusion:These results may suggest that ‘Community-based the Goal-Achieving program’ has efficacy in reducing geriatric depressive symptoms.
dc.titleEffect of Community-Based ‘Goal-Achieving Program’ in Patient with Late-Life Depression : Preliminary Study.-
dc.title.alternative노인성 우울증 환자에서 지역사회 기반 ‘목표달성 프로그램’의 효용성 : 예비 연구-
dc.subject.keywordGeriatric depression-
dc.subject.keywordCommunity based-
dc.subject.keywordThe Goal-Achieving program-
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dc.citation.titleJournal of Korean geriatric psychiatry-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJournal of Korean geriatric psychiatry, 21(1). : 35-40, 2017-
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