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Cellular Hemoglobin Is a Useful Alternative Parameter when Lipemia Interferes with Hemoglobin Measurement

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고지질혈증에서 혈색소 측정이 간섭받을 때 Celluar Hemoglobin의 유용성
Choi, BH | Cho, SR  | Park, IJ
Journal of laboratory medicine and quality assurance, 39(1). : 9-15, 2017
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Journal of laboratory medicine and quality assurance
Background: Saline replacement is a difficult and time-consuming procedure employed to measure hemoglobin (Hb) levels when lipaemia interferes with the accurate determination of Hb content. As an alternative method, we tested the reliability of cellular Hb (cHb) measurement.
Methods: Forty-eight lipemic blood samples were analysed with the LH780 (or DxH 800: Beckman Coulter Inc., USA) and ADVIA 2120i (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, USA) instruments. We compared the Hb measurements obtained following saline replacement (srHb) with the cHb measurement and with the value of one-third of the hematocrit (1/3Hct).
Results: The bias estimate outcomes of cHb with srHb were found to be acceptable at all medical decision points. The average difference between the value of 1/3Hct and initial Hb, srHb, and cHb were 19.7%±3.3%, 2.3%±1.6%, and -0.1%±1.1%, respectively.
Conclusions: cHb measurements may be a feasible alternative to srHb, when lipemia interferes with accurate Hb determinations.

배경: 고지질 검체와 같은 혼탁한 검체의 혈색소 측정은 힘들고 시간이 오래 걸리는 식염수교환법이 요구된다. 이에 저자들은 cellular hemoglobin (cHb)이 식염수교환법을 대체할 수 있는지 평가하였다.
방법: 48개의 지질 검체를 LH780(또는 DxH800: Beckman Coulter Inc., USA) 및 ADVIA 2120i(Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, USA) 장비로 혈색소를 측정하였다. 식염수교환법을 시행한 혈색소(saline replaced hemoglobin, srHb) 검사와 cHb을 비교하였고, 적혈구 용적률의 3분의 1 값(onethird of the hematocrit, 1/3Hct)과 비교하였다.
결과: cHb의 srHb과의 추정 바이어스 결과는 모든 의학적 결정 값에서 모두 적합하였다. 1/3Hct과 혈색소 값들의 차이 평가결과는 초기 혈색소, srHb 및 cHb이 각각 19.7%±3.3%, 2.3%±1.6% 및 -0.1%±1.1%이었다.
결론: 지질 검체에서 식염수교환법이 요구될 때, cHb 측정은 유용한 대체방법이 될 것으로 판단된다.
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