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A comparison between McGrath MAC videolaryngoscopy and Macintosh laryngoscopy in children

Kim, JE  | Kwak, HJ | Jung, WS | Chang, MY | Lee, SY  | Kim, JY
Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, 62(3). : 312-318, 2018
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Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica
BACKGROUND: This prospective, randomised, controlled study was performed to evaluate the usefulness of the McGrath VL compared with Macintosh laryngoscopy in children with expected normal airway during endotracheal intubation, by comparing the time to intubation and difficulty of intubation.
METHODS: Eighty-four patients aged 1-10 years who underwent endotracheal intubation for elective surgery were randomly assigned to the McGrath group (n = 42) or the Macintosh group (n = 42). Anaesthesia was induced with 2.5-3.0 mg/kg of propofol and sevoflurane 5-8 vol%. Orotracheal intubation was performed 2 min after injection of rocuronium 0.6 mg/kg with McGrath VL or Macintosh laryngoscope: the primary outcome was the time to intubation. The Cormack and Lehane glottic grade, intubation difficulty score (IDS), and success rate on intubation were assessed. Haemodynamic changes were also recorded.
RESULTS: As the primary outcome, median time to intubation [interquartile range] did not differ between the McGrath group and the Macintosh group (25.0 [22.8-28.3] s vs. 26.0 [24.0-29.0] s, P = 0.301). The incidence of grade I glottic view was significantly higher in the McGrath group than in the Macintosh group (95% vs. 74%, P = 0.013). Median IDS was lower in the McGrath group than in the Macintosh group (0 [0-0] vs. 0 [0-1], P = 0.018). There were no significant differences in success rate on intubation or haemodynamics between the two groups.
CONCLUSIONS: McGrath VL provides better laryngeal views and lower IDS but similar intubation times and success rates compared with the Macintosh laryngoscope in children with normal airway.

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