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Gastrointestinal Gas and Abdominal Fat Quantity Measured by Three-Dimensional Abdominal Computed Tomography in Patients with Functional Bloating

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기능성 팽만감 환자에서 복부 컴퓨터단층촬영으로 측정한 위장관 가스와 지방량
Lee, HS | Kim, JK  | Sun, JS  | Lee, KJ
The Korean journal of gastroenterology, 71(6). : 324-331, 2018
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The Korean journal of gastroenterology
BACKGROUND/AIMS: The aim of this study was to assess whether increased intestinal gas or fat content in the abdominal cavity is related to abdominal bloating, using three-dimensional abdominal computed tomography scan.
METHODS: Twenty-nine healthy individuals without abdominal bloating and organic disease (15 women: mean age, 49 years: range of age, 23-73 years) and 30 patients with chronic recurrent abdominal bloating-diagnosed with functional bloating (10 women: mean age, 53 years: range of age, 35-75 years) - participated in this study. The mean values of measured parameters were compared using independent sample t-test.
RESULTS: The mean volume of total colon gas in bloated patients was similar to that in control subjects. The distribution of intra-abdominal gas was also similar between the two groups. However, the amount of gas in the transverse colon tended to be significantly higher in patients with bloating than in controls (p=0.06). Body mass index was similar between the two groups (23.4+/-3.2 kg/m(2) and 22.3+/-3.1 kg/m(2), respectively). Moreover, no significant differences with respect to circumferential area, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat area, and total fat area were found between the two groups.
CONCLUSIONS: Bloating might not just be the result of gastrointestinal gas or intra-abdominal fat. Other contributing factors, such as localized abnormality in gas distribution and visceral hypersensitivity, may be involved.


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