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-Attenuation of Noise-induced Cochlear Injury Using Methylene Blue-
-Awakening of oxidative phosphorylation in hair cell line-
-Comparison of behavior of inflammatory cells in response to injury in PINK1 deficient mice with wild-type mice-
-DJ-1 (PARK7) associates with lipid rafts-
-DJ-1 regulates the clathrin-independent endocytosis via Flot-1 and Cav-1-
-DJ-1 regulates the endocytosis via Flot-1, the component of lipid rafts-
-DJ-1, a Parkinson’s disease-associated gene, prevents excessive inflammation through interaction with SHP-1-
-DJ-1, PARK7, plays critical roles in astrogliosis in injured brain-
-DJ-1, PARK7, plays critical roles in astrogliosis in injured brain-
-FcγRIIB mediates the inhibitory effect of aggregated α-synuclein on microglial phagocytosis-
-Fibrillar α-synuclein inhibits microglial phagocytosis-
-Interaction between cancer cells and dendritic cells in 3D nanofibrous scaffold-
-Loss of Parkin Promotes Lipid Rafts-Dependent Endocytosis Through Regulating Caveolin-1 Expression: Implications for Parkinson’s Disease-
-LRRK2 G2019S mutation attenuates microglial motility by inhibiting focal adhesion kinase-
-Parkin-dependant degradation of caveolin-1 regulates lipid rafts-dependent endocytosis-
-PINK1 expression increases and regulates development of GFAP(+) astrocytes during brain development and stem cell differentiation-
-Pleiotrophin Inhibits Melanogenesis via Erk1/2-MITF Signaling in Normal Human Melanocytes-
-Polysiphonia Japonica Promotes Pancreatic β-cell regeneration-
-Regulation of mGluR7 trafficking by SUMOylation in neurons-
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