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-Alteration of Septal GABAergic Neurons and Reelin Expression in P301L Tau Transgenic Mice-
-Applications of anatomy comics-
-Applications of the anatomy comics-
-Brain Regeneration in a Hypoxic-Ischemic (HI) Mouse Model-
-Browsing Software of the Visible Korean Data for Teaching Sectional Anatomy-
-Clinical grade-MSCs for the treatment of brain tumor after retroviral transduction of a cytosine deaminase gene-
-Decline of reelin production by GABAergic neurons in septohippocampal pathway in the P301L transgenic mice-
-Defective Pheromone Sensing in Goα KO Mice-
-Deregulation of CREB Signaling Pathway Induced by Chronic Hyperglycemia Downregulates NeuroD Transcription.-
-Effects of Adenoviral transduction on stemness of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)-
-Enjoy Anatomy Comic Strips-
-Evaluation of anatomy comic strips for further production and applications-
-An experimental model of ischemic stroke in transgenic mouse : Assessment of histological and functional impairments-
-GMP grade, Human Applicable Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Bone Marrow-
-Heterotimeric Go protein regulates neurogenesis & differentiation of dopaminergic neurons in the olfactory system-
-Heterotrimeric Goα Protein Modulates Neuritogenesis in Primary Neurons-
-An improved method for a mouse focal ischemic stroke model : assessment of cerebral blood flow and functional impairment-
-Improved sectioned images and surface models of the whole dog body-
-Insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor signaling determines the survival and migration of grafted neural stem cells in the lesioned spinal cord-
-Intra-arterial delivery of the mesenchymal stem cells to ischemic rat brain-
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