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-1개의 C-tube를 이용한 상악매복견치의 전위 (Transposition of impacted maxillary canine using C-tube) : Case Report-
-Anterior esthetic restoration with alveolar ridge preservation procedure-
-BRONJ triggered by implant surgery : Case report-
-C-implant as skeletal anchorage for treating maxillar canine impactions in an adolescent boy : case report-
-Class III Horseshoe Appliance를 이용한 성장기 아동의 3급 부정교합의 치료-
-Class III Horseshoe Appliance를 이용한 성장기 아동의 3급 부정교합의 치료-
-Clinical Report for Availability of Anchor Plate-
-Clinical Report for Availability of Anchor Plate-
-Clinical Study of Autogenous Tooth Bone Graft Material-
-Clinical Study of Cephalometric Predictors of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA)-
-Clinical Study on the Efficacy of the Autogenous Tooth Bone Graft Material (AutoBT)-
-Clinical Usefulness of Dentis oneQ Implant System : Case Series-
-Combination of Oral and Intravenous Sedation for Mesiodens Extraction in Children-
-Comparative study on surgical and conservative management of BRONJ in disease stage 2-
-Correlation between subjective symptoms and MRI findings in patients with TMJ internal derangement-
-Distribution of Nasal Septal Deviation and Correlation with Facial Asymmetry-
-Drug holiday as a Prognostic Factor for Surgical Treatment on MRONJ-
-Early loading of resorbable blasting media surface implants in the posterior mandible: 3-year clinical trial-
-Effects of Temporomandibular Disorder Management on the Migraine and Cervical Spine Disorder-
-Elastic Open Activator(E.O.A)를 이용한 성장기 II급 2류 부정교합의 치험례-
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