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-Efficacy of Topographically Controlled Horse Bone Cements for Bone Regeneration in Cranial Bone Defects of Rabbits-
-A Case Report: A Rare Sleep Disorder, Catathrenia-
-Comparison of Hearing Performance between Lateral and Perimodiolar Electrodes in Round Window Approach for Cochlear Implantations-
-How much better is Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids Compared to Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids in Moderate Hearing Loss Patients-
-Glucose biosensor in your pocket: Paper-based enzymatic colorimetry on a smartphone-
-Lysostaphin-mediated cell fragmentation for sensitive label-free impedance immunoanalysis of Staphylococcus aureus-
-Delayed Partial Extrusion of the Electrode after Cochlear Implantation-
-Autophagy-related Gene Expression of Organ of Corti in Aminoglycoside-treated Rats-
-Communication ability and social competence of cochlear implanted children who have additional disabilities-
-Tolfenamic Acid Induces Apoptosis and Growth Inhibition in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer: Involvement of NAG-1 and Intracellular ROS Generation-
-Surgical smoke by Electrical, RF and Ultrasonic fields-
-Longitudinal Study of Pure-Tone Thresholds for 10 years : Analysis of Factors Affecting Hearing Impairment in Normal Population-
-A piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane based on MEMS cantilever array as a front end of a cochlear implant system-
-Protective Effect of Korean Red Ginseng in 3-NP-Induced Cochlear Damage Animal Model-
-A Novel Chitosan Patch Releasing Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF) for Treatment of Chronic Tympanic Membrane Perforations-
-Evaluation of Epithelial Proliferation Capacity in Congenital Cholesteatoma-
-Clinical Study of Cephalometric Predictors of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA)-
-The Role of Connexin 43 and 26 Hemichannels In cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis-
-Tolfenamic Acid Induces Apoptosis and Growth Inhibition in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer : Involvement of NAG-1 and Intracellular ROS Generation-
-Protective effects of Korean Red Ginseng against radiation-induced oral mucositis : in vitro & in vivo mucositis model-
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