Immune-network Pioneer Research Center8

Pub YearTitleAuthor(s)
-Adhesion of endothelial and immune cells to electrospun fucoidan blended nanofibrous membrane-
-Development of electrospun nanofibrous chambers for threedimensional coculture of different types of cells-
-Development of fucoidan blended nanofibrous membrane for enhanced cell adhesion to the nanofibers-
-PVA nanofibers were fabricated Migration of dendritic cells to cancer cells in nanofibrous scaffold-based two layer culture system-
-Three dimensional cell culture in water-stable, transparent, and cell adhesive poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous membrane-
-Three dimensional coculture of bacteria and phagocytes in poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous membrane-
-Three dimensional culture of phagocytes and S. aureus in transparent poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous membrane-
-Three-dimensional co-culture of endothelial and cancer cells in poly(vinyl) alcohol nanofibrous membrane-