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Regeneration of a cartilage tissue by in vitro culture of chondrocytes on PLGA microspheres.

Son, JH; Park, SR; Kim, HJ; Min, BH
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology, 16(10):1577-1582, 2006
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Journal of microbiology and biotechnology
Cartilage tissue engineering has emerged as an alternative approach for reconstruction or repair of injured cartilage tissues. In this study, rabbit chondrocytes were cultured in a three-dimensional environment to fabricate a new cartilaginous tissue with the application of tissue engineering strategies based on biodegradable PLGA microspheres. Chondrocytes were seeded on PLGA microspheres and cultured on a rocking platform for 5 weeks. The PLGA microspheres provided more surface area to adhere chondrocytes compared with PLGA sponge scaffolds. The novel system facilitated uniform distribution of the cells on the whole of the PLGA microspheres, thus forming a new cartilaginous construct at 4 weeks of culture. The histological and immunohistochemical analyses verified that the number of chondrocytes and the amount of extracellular matrix components such as proteoglycans and type II collagen were significantly greater on the PLGA microspheres constructs as compared with those on the PLGA sponge scaffolds. Therefore, PLGA microspheres, enhanced the function of chondrocytes; compared with PLGA sponge scaffolds, and thus might be useful for formation of cartilage tissue in vitro. © The Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology.
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