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The free fatty acid profiles in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Jung, Ju-Yang | Kim, Hyoun-Ah | Shin, Tae Hwan | Baek, Wook-Young | Ryu, Keun-Sil | Lee, Gwang | Paik, Man-Jeong | Suh, Chang-Hee
Department of Rheumatology, Ajou University School of Medicine  | Department of Physiology, Ajou University School of Medicine  | Department of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Ajou University
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a multifactorial autoimmune disease with heterogeneous clinical manifestations mediated by immune dysregulation. In this study, 24 free fatty acids (FFAs) alterations in plasma of 41 SLE patients were investigated using gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC MS) in selected ion monitoring modes as their tert butyldimethylsilyl derivatives, compared with 41 healthy controls (HC). The results of the Student’s t test on the control mean of SLE group showed that patients with SLE group and HC had distinguishable difference in 11 of 24 FFAs profile. Among 11 changed levels of FFAs, 4 levels of FFAs were significantly increased and 7 levels of FFAs were decreased in SLE patients. In the partial correlation with FFAs profiles and disease activity markers in SLE, several metabolic markers were correlated with disease activity of SLE. Our results provide a comprehensive understanding of relationship between that metabolomics and disease activity markers of SLE. Thus, this approach has a promising potential in the discovery of metabolic clinical markers for the SLE.
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