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Serum SM5 antibody is potential lupus specific biomarker identified with 21K protein chip analysis

Lee, Sang Won | Lee, Sung Min | Son, In Ok | Baek, Wook Young | Chung, Jee Min | Kang, Ho Chul | Suh, Chang Hee
Department of Rheumatology, Ajou University School of Medicine  | Department of Physiology, Ajou University School of Medicine
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease and chronic inflammatory disease. A common feature of autoimmune diseases is that many autoantibodies are produced causing immune disorders. The SLE is diagnosed with various clinical and immunologic indicators. We searched autoantibodies as biomarkers for clearer diagnosis. We compared sera of patients with SLE (n=9) and the normal controls (NCs, n=5) using the 21K protein chip analysis We found 63 possible lupus specific autoantibodies. Interestingly, SM5 antibody was expressed highly in patients with SLE (88%). We made the GST-SM5 protein to confirm that SM5 antibody is specifically expressed in patients with SLE. We invested Dot blot analysis using serum from NCs (n=50), patients with SLE (n=100) and patients with other autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis (n=25), systemic sclerosis (n=30), and Bechet’s disease (n=30). As a result, the SM5 antibody was detected 79 out of 100 patients with SLE and it was more commonly expressed compared with NCs (2%) and other autoimmune diseases (14%). We truncated GST-SM5 protein in half with N, C-term to find antibody binding site. The result of dot blot analysis showed that the intensity of C-term expression tends to be higher than N-term In conclusion, SM5 antibody tends to bind to C-term of SM5 has the potential to be a specific biomarker of SLE and is expected to be a new biomarker for the diagnosis of SLE.
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