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Global spliceosome activity regulates entry into cellular senescence

Kwon, SM  | Min, S | Jeoun, UW | Sim, MS | Jung, GH | Hong, SM  | Jee, BA | Woo, HG  | Lee, C | Yoon, G
FASEB journal, 35(1). : e21204-e21204, 2021
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FASEB journal
Cellular senescence is a state of permanent growth arrest that can ultimately contribute to aging. Senescence can be induced by various stressors and is associated with a myriad of cellular functions and phenotypic markers. Alternative splicing is emerging as a critical contributor to senescence and aging. However, it is unclear how the composition and function of the spliceosome are involved in senescence. Here, using replicative and oxidative stress-induced senescence models in primary human fibroblasts, we report a common shift in the expression of 58 spliceosomal genes at the pre-senescence stage, prior to the detection of senescence-associated β-galactosidase (SA-β-gal) activity. Spliceosomal perturbation, induced by pharmacologic and genetic inhibition of splicesomal genes, triggered cells to enter senescence, suggesting a key role as a gatekeeper. Association analysis of transcription factors based on the 58 splicesomal genes revealed Sp1 as a key regulator of senescence entry. Indeed, Sp1 depletion suppressed the expression of downstream spliceosomal genes (HNRNPA3, SRSF7, and SRSF4) and effectively induced senescence. These results indicate that spliceosomal gene sets, rather than a single spliceosomal gene, regulate the early transition into senescence prior to SA-β-gal expression. Furthermore, our study provides a spliceosome signature that may be used as an early senescence marker.


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