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Korean Pediatric/Adolescent Lymphoma - Incidence and Pathologic Characteristics

Lee, SS; Kim, JM; Ko, YH; Huh, J; Kang, CS; Kim, CW; Kang, YK; Ko, JH; Kim, MK; Kim, WS; Kim, YJ; Kim, HJ; Kim, HK; Nam, JH; Moon, HB; Park, CK; Park, TI; Oh, YH; Lee, DW; Lee, JS; Lee, J; Lee, H; Lim, SC; Jang, KY; Chang, HK; Jeon, YK; Jung, HR; Cho, MS; Cha, HJ; Choi, SJ; Han, JH; Hong, SH; Kim, I
Korean journal of pathology, 44(2):117-124, 2010
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Korean journal of pathology
Background: The Hematopathology Study Group of the Korean Society of Pathologists conducted a nation-wide retrospective analysis of Korean pediatric lymphoma, to provide pathologic data on pediatric/adolescent lymphoma subtypes and features. Methods: All lymphoma cases of all age groups were collected during a recent 2 year-period (2005-2006) from 32 institutes in Korea. Among 3,686 lymphoma patients, 142 who were age 18 or less were classified according to the World Health Organization (WHO) classification. Results: Among 142 pediatric/adolescent lymphoma patients, Hodgkin lymphoma accounted for 21 (14.8%) and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) for 121 (85.2%). Hodgkin lymphoma appears to be more common in the pediatric/adolescent age group than in the all-ages group (14.8% vs 4.4%). T- and natural killer cell-NHL was more common in the pediatric/adolescent age group than in the all ages group (46.3% vs 22%). The majority of Korean pediatric/adolescent NHL cases was composed of Burkitt lymphoma, T- or B-lymphoblastic lymphoma, anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. For lymphoma patients under the age of 6 years, most had B-lymphoblastic or Burkitt lymphoma, which commonly presented at extranodal sites. Conclusions: The distribution of lymphoma subtypes in the pediatric/adolescent age group is quite different from the distribution of adults, but it was quite similar to distribution in Western countries.
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