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Effect of Janus Kinase 3 Inhibitor on Sebaceous Gland Regeneration during Skin Wound Healing

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dc.description.abstractBackground: Janus kinase (Jak) 3 has recently been shown as a beneficial target for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as psoriasis and alopecia areata. The role of Jak3 in tissue repair and remodeling is emerging. Objective: This study aimed to investigate the role of Jak3 signaling in the remodeling of the sebaceous gland (SG) during skin wound repair, and the development of in vitro SGs. Methods: Mouse skin tissue (ICR mouse) was obtained from the recovered skin eight days after a 4 mm biopsy punch wound. To observe the role of Jak3, the selective inhibitors WHIp131 and PF06651600 was administered. Formation of in vitro SG was examined using primary sebocyte cultures obtained postnatally from 3-day-old mice. Results: The data showed that SGs showed highly positive signals with anti-isolectin B4, which also used for detection of angiogenetic vessels and the basal epidermis. Isolectin B4 could be a good indicator of SGs. The Jak3 inhibitors significantly reduced the area and volume of SG remodeling with reduced expression of p-Jak3. In addition, the area of cultured intact SG in vitro was significantly decreased in a concentration-dependent manner by Jak3 inhibition. Conclusion: These data showed that Jak3 signaling is a potent regulator to develop SGs. Jak3 inhibition did not decrease the number of sebocytes in SGs but decreased the area and volume of SG remodeling. Therefore, Jak3 inhibition may be a potential target for the treatment of SG hyperplasia and associated skin diseases.-
dc.titleEffect of Janus Kinase 3 Inhibitor on Sebaceous Gland Regeneration during Skin Wound Healing-
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