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Successful reduction for a pediatric chronic atlantoaxial rotatory fixation (Grisel syndrome) with long-term halter traction: case report.

Park, SW; Cho, KH; Shin, YS; Kim, SH; Ahn, YH; Cho, KG; Huh, JS; Yoon, SH
Spine, 30(15):E444-E449, 2005
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STUDY DESIGN: Clinical case report of atlantoaxial rotatory fixation (AARF) in a girl presenting with torticollis and neck pain.

OBJECTIVE: To report this rare case that was successfully treated with long-term traction and a brace.

SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: AARF is a rare kind of subluxation that is a pathologic fixation of the atlas on the axis. It is most common in pediatric patients and is usually reduced easily with conservative treatments only in the acute stage. However, previously reported chronic AARFs have usually been treated with operative reductions. Although high success rates have been achieved with operative reduction in chronic cases of AARF, even successful operative reduction may result in significant neck motion limitation.

METHODS: A 9-year-old girl had torticollis of more than 3 months duration develop as a result of an upper respiratory infection. Dynamic computerized tomography showed consistent fixation of the atlantoaxial joint consistent with type 1 AARF according to the classification of Li and Pang. The patient was treated with halter traction of 5-lb weight for 6 weeks, and with a brace for 4 months and collar for 2 months.

RESULTS: We successfully treated this patient with chronic AARF only with cervical traction. She had full recovery of neck motion and normal atlantoaxial angle on follow-up computerized tomography after 6 months.

CONCLUSION: From this case, we suggest that long-term traction could be another treatment method for chronic AARF, especially in children.
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