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Complete sequence of a gene encoding KAR3-related kinesin-like protein in Candida albicans.

Kim, MK; Lee, YM; Kim, W; Choi, W
Journal of microbiology (Seoul, Korea), 43(5):406-410, 2005
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Journal of microbiology (Seoul, Korea)
In contrast to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, little is known about the kinesin-like protein (KLP) in Candida albicans. The motor domain of kinesin, or KLP, contains a subregion, which is well conserved from yeast to humans. A similarity search, with the murine ubiquitous kinesin heavy chain region as a query, revealed 6 contigs that contain putative KLPs in the genome of C. albicans. Of these, the length of an open reading (ORF) of 375 amino acids, temporarily designated CaKAR3, was noticeably short compared with the closely related S. cerevisiae KAR3 (ScKAR3) of 729 amino acids. This finding prompted us to isolate a lambda genomic clone containing the complete CaKAR3 ORF, and here the complete sequence of CaKAR3 is reported. CaKAR3 is a C-terminus motor protein, of 687 amino acids, encoded by a non-disrupting gene. When compared with ScKAR3, the amino terminal region of 112 amino acids was unique, with the middle part of the 306 amino acids exhibiting 25% identity and 44% similarity, while the remaining C-terminal motor domain exhibited 64% identity and 78% similarity, and have been submitted to GeneBank under the accession number AY182242.
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