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Proactive transplantation of human neural stem cells prevents degeneration of striatal neurons in a rat model of Huntington disease.

Ryu, JK; Kim, J; Cho, SJ; Hatori, K; Nagai, A; Choi, HB; Lee, MC; McLarnon, JG; Kim, SU
Neurobiology of disease, 16(1):68-77, 2004
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Neurobiology of disease
We have investigated the effectiveness of transplantation of human neural stem cells into adult rat striatum prior to induction of striatal damage with the mitochondrial toxin 3-nitropropionic acid (3-NP). Systemic 3-NP administration caused widespread neuropathological deficits similar to ones found in Huntington disease (HD) including impairment in motor function (rotarod balance test) and extensive degeneration of neuron-specific nuclear antigen (NeuN)(+) neurons, calbindin(+) neurons and glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)(+) striatal neurons. Animals receiving intrastriatal implantation of human neural stem cells (hNSCs) 1 week before 3-NP treatments exhibited significantly improved motor performance and reduced damage to striatal neurons compared with control sham injections. In contrast, transplantation of hNSCs at 12 h after the initial 3-NP administration did not lead to any improvement in motor performance or protect striatal neurons from the 3-NP-induced toxicity. These results indicate that the presence of grafted hNSCs before 3-NP treatment is required for host striatal neuronal protection and enhanced motor function. Immunoreactivity of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) was found in vitro in cultured hNSCs and in vivo in grafted NSCs with expression and secretion of BDNF demonstrated by RT-PCR, immunocytochemistry, dot-blot, and ELISA analyses. Thus, protective effects of proactive transplantation of hNSCs may be due, in part, to effects mediated by BDNF. The findings in this work have particular relevance to a rat model of HD in that proactive transplanted hNSCs protect host striatal neurons against neuronal injury and improve motor impairment induced by 3-NP toxicity.
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