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Tissue engineered tracheal prosthesis with acceleratedly cultured homologous chondrocytes as an alternative of tracheal reconstruction.

Lee, CJ; Moon, KD; Choi, H; Woo, JI; Min, BH; Lee, KB
The Journal of cardiovascular surgery, 43(2):275-279, 2002
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The Journal of cardiovascular surgery
BACKGROUND: Autologous tissue is an ideal substitue for an extensive tracheal reconstruction, but it is rarely feasible in clinical situations. Many tracheal prosthesis had been used for such an instances, but unfortunately it is still problematic. Dislocation, local infection, hemorrage, and luminal stenosis can cause prosthetic failure. To achieve clinically available autologous tracheal prosthesis, it is necessary that we have to get phenotypically functioning chondrocytes, rapid differentiation of harvested autologous chondrocytes, and the survival of free grafted cultured chondrocytes.

METHODS: In this study, we investigated isolation and culture method of the chondrocytes using the rabbit costal cartilage, and the cells were characterized microscopically and biochemically first. Then we have used cultured rabbit chondrocytes to investigate the role of growth factors upon the proliferation and regulation of the cultured chondrocytes. We have examined the effect of peptide growth factors on DNA and proteoglycan synthesis to the rabbit chondrocyte. The effects of IGF-I and basic FGF were investigated individually. Secondly, acceleratedly cultured chondrocytes were embeded to polymer (PLGA) scaffold in bioreactor, and implanted to defected rabbit trachea. Six weeks later, the rabbits were sacrificed and examined their histologic characteristics.

RESULTS: The harvested chondrocytes from costal arch grew well and were amplified successfully maitaining their own phenotypes. Its embedding to PLGA scaffold was accomplished successfully. The implanted tracheal prosthesis maintains its physical integrity well, but the histologic examination revealed non-viable chondrocytes. The epithelial linings were good.

CONCLUSIONS: The tissue engineered tracheal prosthesis can be a promising alternative of good functional air way tube in short term experiment, but biologically not vital yet. Further investigations are necessary to see the survival of free grafted chondrocytes and the long term results.
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