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Characteristics of shock waves induced by pulsed lasers and their effects on arterial tissue: comparison of excimer, pulse dye, and holmium YAG lasers.

Tomaru, T; Geschwind, HJ; Boussignac, G; Lange, F; Tahk, SJ
American heart journal, 123(4Pt1):896-904, 1992
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American heart journal
Shock waves were investigated using an excimer laser at 308 nm with 18.9 mjoules/pulse, a pulsed dye laser at 480 nm with 100 mjoules/pulse, and a holmium YAG (yttrium-aluminum-garnet) laser at 2.1 microns with 420 mjoules/pulse. At a distance from the target tissue, excimer lasing resulted in no shock waves in saline, while the other lasers produced smaller shock waves than those recorded when the laser was in contact with tissue (0.22 versus 2.0 mm Hg with the pulsed dye laser, 0 versus 0.23 mm Hg with the excimer laser, and 0.44 versus 6.9 mm Hg with the holmium YAG laser; p less than 0.001, respectively). In blood, excimer laser irradiation at a distance from the tissue produced shock waves as great as those produced when the laser was in contact with the tissue (0.19 versus 0.24 mm Hg with the excimer laser, 1.8 versus 3.0 mm Hg with the pulsed dye laser, and 3.1 versus 5.9 mm Hg with the holmium YAG laser; p less than 0.001 with the pulsed dye and holmium YAG lasers, respectively). When lasing was done at 60 mjoules/mm2, the pulsed dye and excimer lasers produced similar shock waves when the lasers were in contact with tissue; however, the holmium YAG laser did not produce shock waves. Thus pulsed lasers can produce shock waves of different characteristics according to the laser source.
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