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Significancer of Osteoporosis in Facial Bone Density using the Computed Tomography Scan

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전산화단층촬영술을 이용한 골다공증 환자에서의 안면골 골밀도의 유의성
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Master (2011)
The study was to compare the variations of bone density in the mid-facial bones as measured by quantitative CT scans between the osteoporosis and control groups, and to evaluate the regions that facial trauma and iatrogenic problem often occurs in the mid face. The 96 patients who underwent both OMU CT scans and Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometries at Ajou University Hospital were included in this study retrospectively. 7 skeletal regions were chosen for evaluation; Group A (Orbital floor, Nasal bone), Group B (Zygomaticomaxillary suture, Zygomatic arch, Zygomaticofrontal suture), Group C (Anterior wall of the maxillary antrum, Maxillary process). 47 patients were in the osteoporosis group, and 49 patients were in the control group. On a PACS, Pixel intensity was analyzed in the region of interest, and the Hounsfield units were measured. There was a significant difference in the mean bone density of the mid-facial bones between the osteoporosis group and the control group (p=0.000). For both groups, each of comparison of the 7 skeletal regions was greater as Group A<Group B<Group C in this order (p=0.000). We can see the independent affects of osteoporosis in the mid-facial bones using QCT scans.
OsteoporosisBone DensityComputed Tomography ScanOsteotomyRhinoplasty전산화단층촬영술골다공증골밀도
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