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The Children with Severe Disability and Their Quality of Life

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중증 장애 아동과 삶의 질
이, 일영; 임, 신영
간호학탐구, 7(2):8-18, 1998
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The rehabilitation of the severely disabled children is an enormous challenge to the society and family including the parents of children, remaining as an ongoing task to be solved.

Especially, under the current circumstances of our society which has no favorable welfare systems and facilities, the hardships of the children with severe disability and their family are overwhelming.

During the rehabilitation process of severely disabled children, it is important to effectively cope with the diversified problems emerging from the progress of children´s development. Furthermore, the children with no caregivers either from the bereavement of parents or the collapse of a family would require a progressive intervention by the government and society.

The right for the good quality of life as a member of society should be equally endowed to the severely disabled children and their family as non-disabled. The government should take a more resolute support in order to achieve the pending aims.
중증 장애 아동삶의 질Children with severe disabilityQuality of life
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