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Catamenial Hemoptysis Caused by the Endometriosis of the Lung Parenchyme, Treated with Bisegmental Wedge Resection

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월경성 객혈로 발현되고, 부분폐엽절제술로 치료된 폐실질의 자궁내막증식증 1예
이, 선민 | 정, 성철 | 김, 상돈 | 마, 경애 | 김, 영준 | 송, 영구 | 황, 성철 | 이, 이형 | 류, 한영 | 이, 철주
Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases, 44(1). : 197-202, 1997
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Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases
Catamenial hemoptysis is a term used to describe recurrent hemoptysis occuring at

the time of menstruation and is caused by the presence of thoracic endometriosis. The

diagnosis is almost always established on the clinical grounds and by exclusion of other

causes of recurrent hemoptysis. The pathogenesis of the thoracic endometriosis is not

clear but several hypothesis have been proposed, such as retrograde flow of the

endometrial tissue through the diaphragmatic defects, microembolization through pelvic

veins and differenciation into endometrial tissues.

We report a case of a 35-year-old woman who presented with catamenial hemoptysis

caused by the endometriosis of lung parenchyme. The lesion was localized to the right

upper lobe posterior segment and right lower lobe superior segment by the computerized

tomogram of the chest during the time of mensturation and treated effectively with

bisegmental wedge resection.

저자들은 반복적인 월경성 객혈을 주소로 내원한 35세 여자 환자에서 흉부 전산화 단층촬

영으로 병소를 확인한 후 부분폐엽절제술로 치유한 우측 폐실질내의 자궁내막증식증을 경험

하였기에 보고하는 바이다

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