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Effects of Arginine Vasopressin(AVP) Infusion on the Patients with Catecholamine-dependent Septic Shock

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카테콜아민계 승압제를 투여중인 패혈성 쇼크환자에서 아르기닌 바소프레신(AVP)의 효과
신, 승수; 임, 승관; 조, 숙경; 송, 경은; 이, 형노; 오, 윤정; 박, 광주; 황, 성철
Kyŏrhaek mit hohŭpki chirhwan, 55(5):506-515, 2003
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Kyŏrhaek mit hohŭpki chirhwan; Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases; 결핵 및 호흡기질환
BACKGROUND: A decreased level of serum arginine vasopressin(AVP) and an increased sensitivity to an exogenous AVP is expected in patients with septic shock who often require a high infusion rate of catecholamines. The goal of the study was to determine whether an exogenous AVP infusion to the patients with septic shock would achieve a significant decrement in infusion rate of catecholamine vasopressors while maintaining hemodynamic stability and adequate urine output. METHODS: Eight patients with septic shock who require a high infusion rate of norepinephrine had received a trial of 4-hour AVP infusion with simultaneous titration of norepinephrine. Hemodynamic parameters and urine output were monitored during the AVP infusion and the monitoring continued up to 4 hours after the AVP infusion had stopped. RESULTS: Mean arterial pressure showed no significant changes during the study period(p=0.197). Norepinephrine infusion rate significantly decreased with concurrent AVP administration(p=0.001). However, beneficial effects had disappeared after the AVP infusion was stopped. In addition, hourly urine output showed no significant changes throughout the trials(p=0.093). CONCLUSION: Concurrent AVP infusion achieved the catecholamine vasopressor sparing effect in the septic shock patients, but there was no evidence of the improvement of renal function. Further study may be indicated to determine whether AVP infusion would provide an organ-protective effect to the septic shock patients.
Septic ShockArginine vasopressinVorepinephrineUrine output
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