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Internet Use for the Evaluation of Medical Leaning

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dc.description.abstractThere are many ways to evaluate the learning achievement of medical students. We are familiar with the problems related to the traditional laboratory course practical examinations of pathology and histology courses, which deal with morphology

heavily. In order to overcome the limitations inherent to the traditional evaluation methods, we used Internet for the written and practical examinations for the pathology course.Two tests were conducted on the internet with thirty medical students. Each student used his/her personal computer, which was connected to Local Area Network(LAN), in the computer laboratory. The examinee entered the Pathology Departm ent home page(address: http://ajoupath. ajou. ac. kr) and took their tests made up of descriptive and multiple choice questions including related gross and microscopic images. Common Gateway Interface(CGI) program of Perl language was used for automatic scoring and analysis of the multiple choice questions. The server computer in the Pathology Department scored the results instantaneously upon the answer selection and push down of the “send” button by the examinee. Furthermore, the computer program was capable of providing data regarding how many students got the correct answer and the degree of difficulty for each item. The students were requested to provide hand-written descriptions for the questions requiring descriptive answers, because of the technical limitation. We believe that tile tests on the internet were performed successfully. The “dreadful” old fashioned examination using timer were no longer needed because high quality gross and microscopic images on the monitor were available for the examinee. We believe that the internet is very useful for the comprehensive evaluation of the medical students’ learning achievement.
dc.titleInternet Use for the Evaluation of Medical Leaning-
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