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Student Characteristics That Influence Medical Career Decisions

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의과대학생의 전공 선택과 관련된 변인에 대한 연구
임, 기영; 조, 선미
Korean journal of medical education, 14(2):269-286, 2002
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Korean journal of medical education
Purpose: This study was performed to identify medical career decisions choosing a medical specialty.

Methods: Medical career decisions were influenced by a number of factors which may be grouped into three categories: (1) personal, (2) demographic, and (3) environmental. In pre-medical stage, choice of a medical school was mainly decided by interests and aptitude (34.2%). Social class and economic condition that can be obtained after the graduation was second important determining factor (27.6%). In choosing medical specialty, aptitude was predominant determinant (84.5%) and the influence of other factors were weak. Personal value system and perception of self-capacity had no significant influence. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was used to measure four dimensions of personality.

Results: As a result authors, could find the relationship between the specialty preferences of medical students and interns and their psychological type. The best match was possible for those who favored psychiatry and surgery. Prospective psychiatrists’ perception were tempered by intuition which means highly theoretical and reflective orientation. They were also introverted and sensitive. Prospective surgeons were more assertive than students with other specialty choice.
Medical specialty choiceMBTIPersonality type16PF
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