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A Case of Primary Choriocarcinoma of The Fallopian Tube

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원발성 난관융모암 1예
김, 윤석 | 박, 영한 | 서, 성석 | 이, 정필 | 장, 기홍 | 주, 희재 | 유, 희석 | 오, 기석
Korean Journal of Gynecologic Oncology and Colposcopy, 12(1). : 52-57, 2001
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Korean Journal of Gynecologic Oncology and Colposcopy
Choriocarcinoma is a relatively rare malignancy of which characteristic is rapid metastasis to the other organs. It is related to the previous gestation or originated from the teratoma. Choriocarcinoma is mostly originated from the intrauterine chorionic villi, but it is rarely originated from the utreine cervix, fallopian tube, ovary, vagina and pelvic cavity. Primary choriocarcinoma of the fallopian tube is exceedingly rare and it is originated from ectopic tubal pregnancy, tubal migration from the intrauterine pregnancy or intratubal teratoma. Symptoms and signs of the choriocarcinoma originated from the ectopic pregnancy are abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, palpable adnexal mass, positive pregnancy test and amenorrhea. Thus it is difficult to distinguish choriocarcinoma from ectopic pregnancy on the basis of symptoms before the microscopic diagnosis presented. Effective treatment of choriocarcinoma is chemotherapy. Additional operation is possible. β-HCG is a useful measure for the follow up. We experienced a 36-year-old multigravida Korean woman who was diagnosed as the rupture of ectopic pregnancy after left salpingectomy in our hospital and then confirmed primary choriocarcinoma of the fallopian tube without metastasis on microscopic finding. Postoperative chemotherapy was performed with methotrexate. The follow up of disease is still on going at two month intervals and she has remained healthy. We report this case with review of literatures.

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