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Survey of Blood and Blood Components Usages at Ten University Hospitals in Korea, 1995 to 2004

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국내 10개 대학병원의 10년(1995∼2004년)간의 혈액사용 분석
임, 영애; 권, 소영; 박, 경운; 권, 석운
Taehan Suhyŏl Hakhoe chi, 16(2):197-208, 2005
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Taehan Suhyŏl Hakhoe chi; The Korean journal of blood transfusion; 대한수혈학회지
Background: The management of blood program is difficult, because there is no comprehensive data collection system in place that gathers data about blood and blood components (blood) usage in Korea. To provide basic data for estimating future blood needs and thereby adjusting the blood program to those needs, data of blood usage in ten Korean university hospitals was analyzed. Methods: The amount of blood used in Korea from 1995 to 2004 was estimated from the data of the Korean Red Cross Blood Centers (KRCBC) and from blood collection data of hospitals. Ten top ranking hospitals regarding blood usage were selected based on a previous report, and the data for blood usage in these hospitals were evaluated. Results: About 20% of red blood cells (RBC) including whole blood ≥40% of platelets (PLT), ≥30% of plasma products (Plasma), and ≥70% of single donor apheresis platelets (SDP) transfused in Korea were used in ten University hospitals. The pattern of blood utilization in ten hospitals was different from that in total hospitals in Korea. The mean units of blood transfused per 1000 admitted patients in these ten hospitals increased steadily until 2000, but from 2001 the amount of blood transfused reached a plateau until 2004, although variations between hospitals is noticed, it seems to be stabilized. About 35% of RBC, 33% of Plasma and 27% of PLT were transfused for patients aged 60 years or more, and the transfusion rate for RBC was between 5% and 17% showing an increasing tendency proportional to patients age in two hospitals. Conclusion: This study provides baseline data for planning a blood program, and for a blood monitoring program a continuous and comprehensive data collection system for blood supply and blood demand needs to be established at a National level.
Blood usageData collection systemBlood demandSupply
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