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Bad Translocation to Mitochondria with Bcl-XL Traced in-vivo by Using GFP

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GFP를 이용하여 in-vivo에서 추적한 Bad와 Bcl-XL의 mitochondria 이동
윤, 수한; 김, 진영; 박, 승우; 안, 영환; 안, 영민; 조, 기홍; 조, 경기
Taehan Sinkyŏng Oekwa Hakhoe chi, 29(10):1283-1288, 2000
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Taehan Sinkyŏng Oekwa Hakhoe chi; Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society; 대한신경외과학회지
Objectives:The subcellular locations of Bad, Bid, Bax and Bcl-XL change during apoptosis and this change is important for the regulation of cell death. The purpose this study was to elucidate binding of Bad with Bcl-XL in vivo

Methods:We mads Bad with Green Fluorescent Protein(GFP) using PCR method. We transfected and overexpressed GFP-Bad with or without Bcl-XL cotransfection in living COS-7 cell.

Results:Bad and Bcl- XL bind one another in healthy living cells and this association controled mitochondrial docking. In the absence of Bad-XL, Bad was mainly cytosolic and partially bound to mitochondria. Upon coexpression of Bad and Bcl-XL, most of Bad translocated to mitochondria. These should suggest that Bad binds to the mitochondrial and cytoplasmic forms of Bcl-XL and Bad bound to cytoplasmic Bcl-XL translocates to mitochondria. These in vivo findings confirm that Bad make a complexes with Bcl-XL and cause mitochondrial translocation of Bad-Bcl-XL complex.
ApoptosisBadBcl-XLGreen fluorescent protein
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