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Skin diseases of male workers in painting workplace

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dc.description.abstractPainting is risky work to occupational skin disease. This research was carried out to investigate the prevalence of occupational skin disease in painting department of a shipyard company in June 1996. Dermatological examination, self-administered questionnaire survey, compositional analysis of solvents used in painting and cleaning were conducted. Exposed group(n=379) was selected randomly in painting department and control group(n=151) was selected in those who had not exposed to paints or solvents. Exposed group was divided into two groups by substance to contact ; painters contact to paints and organic solvents and workers contact to cleaners mainly composed of organic solvents. The prevalence of contact dermatitis(11.9%) is significantly elevated compared with control group(2.6%), and age adjusted odds ratio(OR) is 4.95 (95% confidence interval〔CI〕: 1.75-14.03). The prevalence of Tinea pedis, the most common skin disease, in exposure group is 48.0%, and its age-adjusted odds ratio(OR) is significantly elevated compared with control group (OR:3.17, 95% CI:2.06-4.88). Pompholyx is also significantly elevated in prevalence(11.9%) and age-adjusted OR(OR:6.69, 95% CI:2.05-21.87). There were no difference in the prevalence of contact dermatitis, Tinea pedis, and pompholyx by use of protector, work type, and duration of employment in painting department. In exposure group, 71.1% suffer from contact dermatitis improved in vacation or holiday and 68.9% of them had lesion in exposed area, it suggest that contact dermatitis in exposed group is related to their work. In conclusion, workers in painting department have high risks of contact dermatitis, Tinea pedis, and pompholyx. A health policy should be provided to prevent skin disease among painting department.-
dc.titleSkin diseases of male workers in painting workplace-
dc.title.alternative도장 부서 남성 근로자들의 피부 질환-
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationThe Korean journal of preventive medicine, 30(4). : 830-839, 1997-
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