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Emergence of CTX-M-12 and A Novel CTX-M Type Extended-Spectrum -Lactamase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae

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CTX-M-12와 새로운 CTX-M형 Extended-Spectrum -Lactamase 생성 Klebsiella pneumoniae의 출현
배, 일권; 정, 석훈; 이, 경원; 용, 동은; 이, 종욱; 홍, 성근; 김, 의종; 박, 연준; 강, 정옥; 어, 영; 신, 종희; 이, 위교; 안, 지영; 이, 성희; 우, 건조; 곽, 효선
Annals of laboratory medicine, 26(1):21-26, 2006
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Annals of laboratory medicine
Background: The aims of this study were to survey the nation-wide susceptibilities of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates against ceftazidime and cefotaxime and to determine the prevalence of class A extended-spectrum -lactamases (ESBLs).

Methods: During the period of February to July 2004, K. pneumoniae isolates intermediate or resistant to ceftazidime and/or cefotaxime were collected from 12 hospitals in Korea. Antimicrobial susceptibilities were determined by the disk diffusion and the agar dilution methods and ESBL-production was by double-disk synergy test. Ceftazidime or cefotaxime-resistance determinants of the ESBLproducers were transfered to Escherichia coli J53 by transconjugation. Searches for class A ESBL genes were performed by PCR amplication.

Results: Among 212 clinical K. pneumoniae isolates, 172 (81%) isolates showed positive results in double-disk synergy test; the most prevalent ESBL was SHV-12 (n=104). Genes encoding ESBLs including SHV-2 (n=6), SHV-2a (n=17), CTX-M-3 (n=18), CTX-M-9 (n=6), CTX-M-12 (n=1), CTX-M- 14 (n=27), CTX-M-15 (n=3), and a novel CTX-M-type -lactamases were also detected.

Conclusion: It is concluded that diversity of ESBLs in K. pneumoniae isolates are increasing in Korea. CTX-M-12 has never been reported in Asia, and a novel CTX-M-type ESBL has emerged.
Klebsiella pneumoniaeClass A ESBL
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