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A Clinical Significance of AAO-HNS guidelines for Meniere's Disease

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dc.description.abstractBackground and Objectives :The guidelines for Meniere's disease recommended from the Committee on Hearing and Equilibrium of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) in 1995, provided a basis for reporting results of the treatment used in Meniere's disease. However, these guidelines are sometimes not all inclusive and appropriate for management and reporting for some patients clinically considered having Meniere's disease. The objectives of this study is to review and analyze the symptoms, vertiginous episodes, audiometry, vestibular function test and results of the treatment in Meniere's disease and to evaluate the significance of AAO-HNS guidelines. Materials and Method : This study consisted of the patients with Meniere symptoms who visited the Dizziness Clinic of Ajou University Hospital between 1994 and 2001 were included in this study. The characteristics of dizziness (duration, frequency, and episodes), pure tone audiometry, vestibular function tests, and treatment results were carefully analyzed according to AAO-HNS guidelines. Results : Of 550 patients with Meniere symptoms, 198 patients were in the criteria for Meniere's disease. They were classified to 75 (37.9%) of the “definite”, 120 (60.6%) of the “possible”, and only 3 (1.5%) of the “probable”. In the “definite” group, the pure tone average (PTA) was 54.3 dB and canal paresis (CP) was showed in 33 patients (44%) with a mean CP of 53.6%, and the peak and descending types of the pure tone audiogram were dominant (62%). In the “possible” group, the PTA was 19.4dB and CP was found in 30 patients (25%) with mean CP of 50.1%. Conclusion : Even though AAO-HNS guidelines for Meniere's disease are helpful for communication between doctors, they should be considered to have limitations for the diagnosis and treatment in clinical practices.-
dc.titleA Clinical Significance of AAO-HNS guidelines for Meniere's Disease-
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