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HLA-DQB1 Allele Frequencies and Haplotypic Associations with DRB1 Genes in Koreans

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한국인의 HLA-DQB1 유전자빈도와 DRB1과의 연관성 조사
임, 영애; 곽, 연식
Taehan Imsang Pyŏngni Hakhoe chi, 19(5):535-541, 1999
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Taehan Imsang Pyŏngni Hakhoe chi; Korean journal of clinical pathology; 대한임상병리학회지
Background : The HLA-DR and DQ genes are known to show in strong linkage disequilibrium.

Authors investigated the allele frequencies of HLA-DQB1 genes and HLA-DOB1-DRB1 haplotypic

associations in Koreans.

Methods : HLA-DRB1 and DQB1 typing were performed in 120 unrelated Korean consisting of

normal tissue donors and patients with hematologic disease using polymerase chain reactionreverse

dot blot hybridization method with INNO-LiPA HLA-DRB and DQB kits (INNOGENETICS,

Zwijndrecht, Belgium). Haplotypic associations between DRB1 and DQB1 alleles were calculated

according to the formula from Mattiuz et al.

Results : Allele frequencies of the five most common DQB1 alleles were DQB1* 0301, 14.4%;

0303, 11.0%; 0302, 9.6%; 0601, 9.2%; 0401, 8.7%. Haplotype frequencies (%) of the ten most common

DQB1*-DRB1* haplotypes were 0303-0901, 9.17%; 0401-0405, 8.71%; 0602-1501/03/04, 7.35%;

0501-0101, 7.35%; 0601-0803, 5.98%; 0609-1302, 5.10%; 0503-1405, 4.69%; 0302-0406, 4.26%;

0301-1101/10/12 or 1104, 4.26%; 02-0701, 4.23%. They consisted 61.1% of total haplotypes in this


Conclusion : The results of this study may be useful as basic data of Koreans for anthropology,

accurate interpretation of HLA-DRB1 and DQB1 typing and quality control of genotyping.
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