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Establishment of a Method for Cryopreservation of Neural Stem Cells

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신경줄기세포의 냉동보관법 확립
권, 광원 | 김, 미란 | 서, 해영 | 이, 영돈 | 김, 성수
Korean journal of anatomy, 37(6). : 499-508, 2004
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Korean journal of anatomy
Neural stem cells are multipotent stem cells that can differentiate into neurons and glial cells. Neural stem cells are found in not only developing nervous system but some restricted regions in adult brain. Here, we presented an effective method that allows a long-term preservation of neural stem cells without losing multipotency.

First, we isolated neural stem cells from the developing forebrain of nestin-EGFP transgenic mice carrying green fluorescence protein (GFP) driven by nestin promoter and enhancer. Primary neurospheres isolated from these mice highly expressed GFP. The expression of GFP in neurospheres was sustained for several passages. In order to

investigate the effect of freezing on the stem cell properties, we cryopreserved the primary neurospheres for 2 wks in liquid nitrogen. GFP expression pattern as well as differentiation potential of the secondary neurosphere formed after cryopreservation were not that different from those of the primary neurosphere formed before cryopreservation. When the same cryopreservation method was applied to neural stem cells isolated from human fetal brain (gestation 13~15 wks), the expression of nestin, a stem cell marker, and differentiation patterns were not changed after cryopreservation.

We also performed isolation of neural stem cells from long-term cryopreserved human fetal brain tissues. The neurospheres were successfully formed and showed similar differention properties with neurospheres isolated from fresh brain tissue. In addition, we demonstrated multipotentiality of neural stem cells was not changed with the duration of cryopreservation of brain tissue, suggesting the self renewality and multipotentiality of neural stem cells were not affected by long-term cryopreservation, The present results provide an useful information for the development of stem cell expansion which is essential factor in clinical application of stem cells.

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