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Horizontal, Coronal, Sagittal MR Images and Segmented Images of the Korean Entire Body

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한국사람 온몸의 수평, 관상, 시상 자기공명영상과 구역화영상
김, 진용; 정, 민석; 이, 용숙; 박, 진서; 조, 재현; 최, 우영
Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology, 16(1):1-13, 2003
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Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology; 대한체질인류학회지
For identifying the pathological findings in magnetic resonance images (MRIs), the anatomical structures in MRIs should be identified in advance. For studying the anatomical structures in MRIs of Koreans, the education materials such as following images

are necessary. First, MRIs of Korean; second, MRIs of the entire body; third, horizontal, coronal, and sagittal MRIs; fourth, segmented images corresponding to the MRIs. Therefore, in this study the horizontal, coronal, and sagittal MRIs and

correponding segmented images, on which the anatomical structures can be easily identified, were made. A Korean male adult (19 years old, height 176 cm, weight 67 kg) who had a Korean standard body shape and had not serious disease was selected. 613

MRIs of the entire body were scanned at (slice thickness 3 mm, interslice gap 0 mm, field of view 480 mm×480 mm, bit depth 8 bit gray, resolution 512×512, T1 weight, NEX 2, interleave method) and transferred to the personal computer and saved.

Outlines of the 59 kinds of anatomical structures were manually drawn on the MRIs to make segmented images (bit depth 8 bit color). Coronal (274 pairs, resolution 512×1,839), sagittal (512 pairs, resolution 274×1,839) MRIs and segmented images were

made by stacking each row or each column of all MRIs and segmented images. The horizontal, coronal, sagittal MRIs and segmented images of the Korean entire body which were made in this study will be helpful in studying the anatomical structures in MRIs.

These education materials will be distributed worldwide through Internet or CD title.
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