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Re-evaluation of the Orbital Dimensions in Modern Korean Adult Skulls

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한국인 안와형태에 대한 재평가
고, 기석; 황, 영일; 손, 현준; 한, 승호; 백, 두진; 김, 희진; 최, 병영; 이, 혜연; 정, 민석
Ch'ejil Illyu Hakhoe chi, 8(2):195-204, 1995
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Ch'ejil Illyu Hakhoe chi; The Korean journal of physical anthropology; 대한체질인류학회지
This article describes the normal range of orbital linear dimensions (eq. orbital breadths, orbital height, orbital depth, interorbital breadths and biorbital breadth) and orbital indicies. One hundred and eighty-seven Korean skulls from grown-up individuals are studied with analysis for the purpose of evaluating anthropometric characteristics of Korean orbits. The results are compared to previously published data for modern Korean skulls. The width of the orbit is larger on the right side than

the left and sexual difference was also shown. On the other hand, the heights of both orbits are much the same. Consequently, there is a slight tendency that chamaeconch is met with more frequently on the right side, whilst hypsiconch on the left side.

The orbital depth is larger on the right side, however, depth index did not show any side difference. There are sexual differences on the biorbital breadth and upper facial breadth but not on the interorbital breadth on the basis of dacryon.

These results represent the asymmetry of Korean orbit and that measurement on both sides must be necessary for anthropological comparison.
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