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Facial Measurements of the Uygur Living in Xinjiang Province, China - With Reference to the Eye and Nose

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중국 신장성 위그르인의 얼굴 계측 - 눈과 코를 중심으로
황, 영일; 고, 기석; 한, 승호; 이, 규석; 최, 병영; 김, 희진; 이, 경훈; 정, 민석
Ch'ejil Illyu Hakhoe chi, 7(2):231-239, 1994
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Ch'ejil Illyu Hakhoe chi; The Korean journal of physical anthropology; 대한체질인류학회지
We carried out several anthropological measurements of the eye and nose in the Uygur living in Xinjiang Province, the Uygur autonomous region in the west China, as a part of works to investigate the anthropological traits of the Uygur. The number of sample was 214 (120 males and 94 females) in the western area and 248 (182 males and 66 females) in the eastern area of the province, all of whom were over 18 in age. The items were 13 in all - 9 items regarding to the eye and 4 to the nose. The

measurements were executed using image analyzer on the photographs taken from front, 45。 left lateral, and 90。 left lateral side. The western and eastern areas were regarded as experimental groups and the measured values were compared with each


In addition, the values were also compared to those of the Korean already published. In males, the eastern people showed somewhat wider nasal breadth (ala-ala) and larger corneal diameter. There was also a tendency for the palpabral fissure to be more

inclined, and for the interectocanthal distance to be larger in eastern males than those in the west. Regarding females, the easterner revealed wider intercanthal distance, and shorter and more inclined palpabral fissure than in the westerner.

The corneal diameter was larger in the easterner as was the ease in males. Compared with the previously published Korean measurements, the easterner showed more approximated values in almost all items than the westerner, regardless of the sex.
UygurAnthropological measurementsPhotogrammetryFaceEyeNose
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